What are the Uses of Air Track Mats?

Air track mats are widely used all over the world and Kameymall brand is one of the best producer of these healthcare and fitness material. Let’s see few uses of Air track mat:

Bare Feet

Track Mats are a great choice for home or office because it’s very easy to put them under your feet for warm feet on cold days. You can also roll them up if you find yourself cold in the evening.

Cramp protection

If you’re prone to cramping, you can put track mats under your feet to protect them from hard and inflexible surfaces. They also can be rolled to protect your toes.

Anti-slip area

A track mat can be laid over slippery areas of your kitchen, office, or street. You can put anti-skid rubber underneath.

Looking for other uses of track mats?

Here is a list of some other uses of track mats.

  • Using a Track Mat on a Skateboard Rig
  • Using Track Mats for Weight Training
  • In hospitals, they have used track mats as traction for wounded soldiers on their way to a post.

There are wide uses of air track mats and the most common of them are listed-as-above.