Wage Garnishment At A Peek

This is really a win win situation each parties. As long as you funds IRS monthly, they will lift the Garnishment. My favorite way to collect debt was issuing a Wage Levy.
If you happen to owe a debt and it goes to collections, there are things you should be aware of when the collectors begin to contact you. Debt collectors are supposed to follow a set of rules when contacting people who owe money. But more often than not they break them, utilizing offensive, underhanded, and disrespectful tactics. Once you know your rights and are aware of the rules, you have the means to deal with the debt collectors who harass you.

Pirating your Pay Day: My personal favorite of the ways to collect is by far the wage garnishment. This is when the IRS contacts your employer and tells them that they will be taking a percentage of your weekly paycheck. They can legally garnish up to 75% of your check in order to pay the debt, and in some extreme cases, I’ve seen them take someone’s entire check! The IRS feels like if you aren’t paying them, then you aren’t doing anything important with your money, so they’ll take it straight from the source. Just like with a bank levy, there is nothing you or your boss can do or say to change it.

Enter into a payment plan with the IRS. With an IRS payment plan you pay a monthly amount to the IRS. As long as you pay this amount each month on time your wage garnishment will be lifted. Here’s the condition though, the IRS determines what you’re payment will be. This can be a burden, but the alternative is still much worse.

Simply put, the IRS has made the tax levy so harsh that it usually scares most people into avoiding this at all costs. The last thing you want is for the IRS to come after you and take the money that is owed. Instead, it is much better if you are able to work things out on your own terms.

Save Your Money – The best way to deal with Wage Garnishment is to avoid it all together. It’s very important that you file your taxes each year. And if you are ever presented with a case in which you will owe them money, by all means don’t ignore it. People cannot avoid and IRS Hitman for long. The problem will not go away and the situation can only get worse with time.

You can save $1,000s versus any other method of debt elimination (except for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is much more difficult to accomplish now that the new law is in effect).

If you are worried about the overall dollar amount that you owe, consider an offer in compromise. This is where you and the IRS come to an agreement about the tax obligation that you owe them. It is going to be less than what the original bill was so that will help you. The key here is that you will have to pay it all at once or you will have scheduled payments that you must keep. If you default on those payment arrangements the entire amount you owed can be come do immediately.

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Then IRS offers some its own tax debt relief payments. You can also opt for them. The IRS calculates what is owed by a debtor and what can he or she pay now. Then it decides on the amount for which installment payments are made for the taxpayer. Then you can also vouch for Offer in Compromise which is a legal agreement between IRS and your lawyer or an agent who is registered and Online Payment Agreement.

If you feel you are being harassed by a collection agency, make sure you document the agent’s name, the date, time, and the agency they work for. Also, document what was said in as much detail as possible. Contact your state attorney general’s office and the FTC to file a complaint.