Turkish electronic visa

What is Visa?

A visa is a certificate or stamp from the authorities in a country, to indicate that the applicant has been verified, and has been granted permission to enter the country for a temporary period within a certain period. There are several types of visas, including granted to transients only, for the purpose of study, for the purpose of tourism, or for the purpose of work … etc.

Some countries have begun to grant visas electronically via the Internet, and Turkey is one of the countries that provide this service to its visitors, where the visitor can apply for a visa quickly and from home.

What is the Turkey e-Visa?

It is a document to enter the Turkish territory. It is obtained in easy steps after applying, submitting the required information, and paying the visa fee. The visa must be printed and presented upon entry to Turkey. The visa information is checked and matched with the passport. You can apply for a Turkish visa from Turkey visa Website.


Turkey is distinguished by its strategic location, linking the Asian and European continents. Turkey ranks 37th in the world in terms of area. It is also a peninsula, surrounded by seas on three sides (the Aegean Sea to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Black Sea to the north). It is also characterized by the diversity of its different terrain, from desert nature to picturesque green nature. Turkey’s climate lags behind according to each region. The Black Sea region is characterized by a warm and humid climate in summer and cold and humid in winter, the Mediterranean region is characterized by a hot and dry climate in summer and moderate to cold winter, while the Marmara Sea regions (including Istanbul) are characterized by hot and dry summers and cold and mild winters to cold and wet;

The most important tourist cities in Turkey


It is one of the largest cities in the world and is distinguished by its architecture, Byzantine and Ottoman historical sites, international shopping, and diverse nightlife.


Cappadocia is distinguished by its unusual rock formations that resemble chimneys and cones, with many caves and tunnels inside. It is also famous for its balloons, which give the area another beauty.


It contains many historical Roman monuments and is also characterized by its picturesque beaches and resorts that attract people from all over the world


It is characterized by its mountains, abundant greenery, and high plains that attract tourists with its picturesque scenery. It is the ideal destination for mountain nature lovers. It is also characterized by its high-quality mountain honey.


It is considered one of the oldest cities globally and is famous for its Seljuk architecture and Mevlevi dervishes.

In the end, Turkey is considered one of the best tourist countries because of the diversity of its nature, cheapness, and ease of transactions to enter its territory. More than 30 million tourists visit Turkey annually. You can be one of the tourists and enjoy these scenic places and scenery.