Life in the Better Domains Past the Cover of Death – Section 3

These astral circles are in all likelihood settled on of what stargazers decision “dull matter” and “dim energy” which together is around 26% and 70% separately of the universe however is imperceptible to telescopes since it is totally straightforward, doesn’t associate with material molecules, and emits no radiation. The excess 4% is actual matter. The main way dim matter can be recognized by the present stargazers is by noticing its gravitational impact on the movements of different articles in space. This “dim matter” appears to have an extremely Adept Life Sciences impressive intergalactic impact fundamental for holding worlds back from flying separated, while “dull energy” is by all accounts liable for an immense extensive power making the entire universe grow every which way at a speeding up rate. More data on this entrancing subject can be tracked down here in my article on dim energy. I as of late figured out that a type of radiation known as “twist field energy” (prana, shakti?) could be utilized to study, really see, and grasp dim matter and maybe assist researchers with seeing at last the conceivable association between dim matter and astral matter. I will discuss twist energy later on and am simply starting to figure out its unbelievable, general importance.

Does Time Exist in The hereafter?

The results of time as we experience it on Earth don’t appear to exist in life following death, so nobody at any point appears to progress in years or need to stress over using up all available time. But on the least astral circles which are still affected by natural rhythms, it appears to be that spirits can make as the need might arise for any reason, and are subsequently, when in their own current circumstance, consistently loose and never rushed.

Envision continuously having the option to take as long as you want to would anything that you like to do and never agonizing over being late! For example, on the off chance that one required a couple of additional hours when just minutes remained, I estimate that one would essentially raise their vibration rate as well as retreat into a more ageless (higher) aspect of the real world or even go into a state where no time elapses by any means! As well as being liberated from every one of the restrictions of time, there are none of the distressing urgencies, prerequisites, cutoff times, or potentially constraints one would frequently need to manage while on The planet. It appears to be that in the majority of the domains of eternity, one can unwind and take as need might arise to unwind!

The spirits frequently say that time in their aspect is capable in an unexpected way. They say there is a type of time, yet not estimated by the world’s turn, but rather more like as a request or succession of occasions experienced inside one’s cognizance which can shift from one person to another relying upon what layers of cognizance or potentially circle or vibration rate one is on.

Time for the most part is by all accounts a seriously unique thing in existence in the wake of death and there is by all accounts some kind of immortality, independence from or greatness to natural time which is simply something material. The hereafter reaches out into higher aspects a long ways past the restricting components of the existence so normal for the actual world. The higher the vibrations of the aspect or circle past the actual world, the increasingly more ageless it appears to get.

My hypothesis is that time grows at the higher vibrational circles so an entire seven day stretch of data or encounters on the upper circles could be held inside a couple of long periods of Earth time. It has been said that any clocks worked to quantify time in the center to higher circles of eternity just either quit ticking or don’t work by any means. However at places exceptionally close to the Earth vibration, for example, Francisco Xavier’s Nosso Lar clocks and other watches are as yet produced, and can somewhat, still stay sufficiently precise to be functional.

I conjecture that this odd way of behaving of time in the hereafter can be made sense of by how the laws of physical science and quantum mechanics act in existence in the wake of death which will generally have an undeniably really freeing impact the higher the circle or level of cognizance we get. In additional thin districts of higher vibration, the consecutive course of events (having 4 aspects) spreads out further and ever more profound into likelihood (having 5 aspects) so that rather than movement occurring as an occasion along a solitary timetable, it turns out to be increasingly more of a moving of occasions into an unending series of conceivable outcomes which are regularly represented or impacted by thought. All in all cognizance is not generally restricted to one course of events, rather it can move through numerous timetables (going past, future and sideways!) or each conceivable activity or likelihood and on the best circles each conceivable law of material science!

Assuming a profoundly progressed logical scientist constructed a “Major Ben” on one of the greatest locales of the astral plane or even a nuclear clock so far as that is concerned, either the unfortunate gadget would just not know what direction to head, or it would need to express out loud anything that one’s psyche makes it up to say! Thusly in the best of astral real factors, I envision time (having 4 aspects) should give itself over increasingly more totally to a state of the brain (having 5 aspects).

On the extremely most noteworthy circles reality as far as we might be concerned fails to exist. On the best planes of presence, all of nature communicates as extremely unique vibrations of a practically endless range of surprising varieties, surfaces and incredibly lovely divine music! Everything converges toward an all inclusive Unity, wonderful magnificence or Completeness. The higher the layers of cognizance, the higher the vibration, and the further it can go into higher and better mathematical aspects (5,6,7, and so forth.). The higher the mathematical aspect, the simpler it gets for cognizance, energy and make a difference to converge into a general, immortal Unity or Completeness and the more straightforward it is for a profound expert to send his awareness anyplace and view any occasion in history in a flash.

I hypothesize that on the exceptionally most noteworthy circles it very well may be conceivable that forever and a day worth of involvement could be had inside a couple of Earth days or even minutes! Though a few rather bewildered and confounded terrestrial spirits while stuck on a few extremely low vibrational levels might feel that half a month have gone by when really long stretches of Earth time might have elapsed. Thusly the experience of time will in general be significantly more emotional in existence in the wake of death than while living on The planet.