Getting a Korean Massage

If you’re considering a Korean massage, you’re not alone. The popularity of this type of massage has been growing exponentially for decades. But in recent years, the government has stepped in to regulate its practice. It claims to protect the livelihood of legally blind masseurs. In response, an association of non-vision impaired masseurs has formed to protect the livelihood of their fellow practitioners. In fact, they claim to be figure-management specialists and body-care experts.

jjimjilbang scrub corner

If you’ve never visited a Korean spa or bathhouse, a jjimjilbang (korean for “bathhouse”) might sound alarming. After all, soaking naked in a tub in a foreign country might be uncomfortable for you, but you can’t blame anyone for wanting a luxurious and relaxing treatment. In a Korean massage spa, scrubs are performed by grumpy Korean women in black lace underwear. These treatments last at least forty minutes and are typically quite expensive.

Shiatsu deep-tissue massage

Often referred to as shiatsu, this massage style involves the twisting and pulling of muscles to balance the body’s internal energies. This technique is considered particularly effective for sports injuries because it can help improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also promotes overall wellness by relieving stress and relieving symptoms of a variety of medical conditions. Shiatsu massage is often performed on the floor or a futon mat, and its techniques are as varied as the individual clients who seek it.

Scrub and Aroma Massage

The ultimate moisturizing experience begins with a full-body Korean scrub. After exfoliating dead skin cells, a luxurious body shampoo and aromatherapy facial mask are applied. This treatment is a rejuvenating experience that leaves skin soft and supple. You’ll also experience improved circulation and toxins released from the lymph nodes. Afterward, a luxurious body emulsion is applied to your hair. Afterward, you’ll be ready to experience the ultimate sensorial experience!

Han jeung mak

A han jeung mak, or traditional Korean massage, is a therapeutic bodywork method that emphasizes the importance of breathing and reducing stress. The treatment uses the body’s natural heat to relieve pain and increase metabolism. It is often combined 출장홈타이to the kiln sauna, which are dark, cave-like structures that are heated using wood. The saunas are also used for back pain relief.


If you’re looking for a truly relaxing experience, try a Jjimjilbang. These Korean massage spas are multi-story facilities, and the layout can be confusing. You’ll be welcomed with a friendly, “come as you are” atmosphere. Although the spas will most likely be used for bathing, massages, or body scrubs, you’re not required to wear a suit or dress.

Juvenex Spa

If you’re looking for the ultimate in New York City spa treatments, you’ve come to the right place. Juvenex Spa is located in the heart of Manhattan, surrounded by Korean BBQ joints. Their fourphase pampering ritual includes a Diamond Herbal Steam Sauna, a Cold Rainforest Shower, Japanese-style soaking tubs, and a clay sauna to draw out toxins and prepare the body for an energy-balancing massage.