Four reasons to locate your office in Ortigas: office space for rent in Ortigas

Many businesses are beginning to see the advantages of office space for design engineering in Ortigas. In comparison to Makati, the country’s most significant commercial area, Ortigas, the second-most significant business district in Metro Manila, has comparable, if not superior office space options.

Here are 4 excellent reasons why renting office space in Ortigas is a preferable choice.

Improved Rates

Renting an office space in Ortigas is more affordable than in Makati or the Fort. Finding lease rates that are 30–45 percent less than those of similar office buildings in Makati is not unusual. A nicer office space is currently available in Ortigas for the same price, although even older buildings in Makati demand a higher fee by virtue of position.

The reduced leasing prices also apply to residential leases for many businesses that provide corporate housing for their local and foreign staff, saving businesses thousands of pesos per month. This amounts to significant monthly cost reductions for businesses moving to Ortigas, making the decision simple to defend.


Due to its central location in Metro Manila, Ortigas is more accessible to those living in the region’s north and east, including those in Quezon City, Caloocan, Pasig, Marikina, and Rizal.

The commute for workers who live in Metro Manila’s north and east is shortened by this location’s centrality. Businesses moving to Ortigas get positive comments from their workers who reside there.

In Makati, traffic already extends the one-way commute by 30 to 60 minutes. Employees will undoubtedly value the additional hour or two they may spend elsewhere. This is not to suggest that there is no traffic in Ortigas; there is, particularly during rush hour.

The central position has advantages for more than just the workers. The company’s accessibility will also be valued by potential consumers and clients. Clients will undoubtedly search for companies that can provide their customers convenient products and services.

As a result, accessibility is a crucial factor to take into account when selecting a rental office space.

Facilities accessible

Similar commercial and corporate spaces are accessible in Ortigas Center. There is a lot of available PEZA-accredited office space for design engineering and call centres to rent. In Ortigas, there are offices for significant commercial banks and financial organisations.

Ortigas is home to the SM Megamall, Robinsons, Shangri-La, and Podium shopping complexes.

High-speed fibre optic networks, backup power, dependable security, a low crime rate, and proximity to numerous amenities are all qualities shared by all Ortigas office space rentals.

Talent is Available

Companies have access to talent on a par with Makati’s. Since Ortigas is regarded as the nation’s contact centre capital, there is an even larger concentration of talent accessible for the BPO and call centre sectors there.

If you post a hiring sign on Emerald Avenue, you may expect a lengthy queue of applicants to check out your job posting. In Ortigas, there is an abundance of talent.

Just like Makati, Ortigas draws top talent because to its accessibility and central position. In fact, prominent companies like San Miguel, BDO, Emerson Network Power, IBM, Sykes, and Pacific Hub, to mention a few, have their headquarters or significant subsidiaries in Ortigas.