Different Kinds of Hair Straightening Products

The right haircut can make an emotional fashion statement. Over the times, hair styles have evolved significantly from permed and coiled hair in the 70s and 80s to super straight hair in the late 90s and until moment. Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, satiny and straight hair is what is in currently. To give your hair that satiny, streamlined look, you’ll need the help of hair straightening products. There are different styles for hair straightening products available in salons moment, each having unique features that feed to the requirements of specific hair types.


The Brazilian hair uncurling treatment is among the newest hair straightening products that can be profited at colorful salons near you. Also known as”escova progressive”, which means progressive blowdry, this system uses keratin to heat-seal hair cuticles. Since keratin is a naturally- being protein in the mortal hair, the Brazilian treatment is considered topical as no other dangerous chemicals are used. Depending on your hair type, the uncurling effect can last for as long as four months. One session generally costs around$ 200 to$ 600.


One other long-continuing treatment done in salons is the Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening. This process uses hair straightening products similar as hair iron and chemical relaxers. Treated hair becomes permanently straight-except when it grows out. Since hair grows up to about half an inch per month, the uncurling effect can last up to six months. Because of this, Japanese Thermal hair treatments are vastly more precious than utmost styles, going about$ 500 or further per visit.


Still, there are hair straightening products in the form of chemical relaxers that you can fluently buy from any beauty force store, If you’re the audacious type. These products come with a primer that should be read for safety and to insure effectivity.


One of the cheapest straightening products that you can use is a flat iron, an easy-to- use ceramic device that flattens the hair while still hot. It provides a accessible and temporary result to slightly limp hair, with the help of gels, glosses, or conditioners.

You may also want to consider a defensive spray to be applied to your hair as part of your straightening routine. These products will nourish and cover your hair so the heating will beget minimum damage. However, spot some in your hand rather of directly on your hair, rub it in, If you find these products are too heavy and slithery for your thin hair. However, consider using a uncurling iron for a revitalized, healthy looking do, If you have naturally straight hair. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.